Apr 22 2012

how did Houdini die? is this the real story?

How did Houdini die?

He was a marketing genius and even his death was a brilliant promotion. Anticipating how to carry on his name even after he was dead he arranged for the ritual of trying to contact his spirit.

The Punch?

Although it is generally believed that Houdini was punched by a student who didn’t allow the escape artist the proper time to prepare for the blow, it is not known for certain whether or not the blow actually ruptured his appendix. Because this does not cause appendicitis. Appendicitis is in fact a bacterial infection.

Prior Condition?

It is commonly felt that Harry had peritonitis prior. And the punch in his abdomen just aggravated the situation.Regardless, Harry “Erhich Weiss” Houdini went to the great beyond at 1:26 p.m.on October 31 1926. He was 52 years old.

Final Resting Place

Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, New York is the final resting place for Houdini.

Where was he really Born?

An interesting note is that Houdini had always said that he was born in Appleton Wisconsin, which is where a museum in his memory now stands. Houdini would tell others that his birth date was April 6, 1874 in Appleton. In truth, it has recently been revealed from logs from the boat that Houdini’s family traveled to America in, that he was actually born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary.

This means that Houdini came by ship as a toddler with his family to America. Young Erhric’s father was Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss who had a job available to him in the U.S.

Benefiting from Houdini Marketing Concepts

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Still Promoting Even in Death

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Points and Plans

There are some basic promotional points and plans that Houdini adhered to that contributed to his success. The good news is that you or your business can benefit from learning about these areas. Harry Houdini’s advertising premises never become dated because they can be adapted to any environment including show business, the modern world of commerce and yes, the internet.

Apr 22 2012

how did Houdini die? – misconceptions

Houdini was born in 1874 and as a teen began to create Harry Houdini Tricks. He took his name “Houdini” from the French conjurer Robert Houdin and added an “i” making the name Houdini. Early on he performed with his brother Theo who went by the name Hardeen and together called themselves “The Houdini Brothers”.

It is a common misunderstanding that Harry died while performing the Chinese water torture cell illusion per the Tony Curtis movie version of Houdini’s life.

Instead Harry Houdini actually died of diffuse peritonitis with his appendix rupturing. This was the result of him being punched in the stomach by a student of McGill University in an impromptu demonstration of Houdini’s ability to withstand pain. Or at least that’s one belief of how Houdini died.

But as a man of mystery in life he was also a man of mystery in death and there is no absolutely confirm-able version of his death.

The most common misconception about his death arose from the 1953 movie Houdini, starring Tony Curtis. In the movie, Houdini died during a failed escape from the infamous Chinese Water Torture Cell.

The Houdini Historical Center of Appleton, Wisconsin, Harry Houdini passed away Halloween Day, 1926, in Detroit, Michigan. His death certificate lists the death as peritonitis caused by appendicitis.

But some say the belief that Houdini’s death resulted from a blow to the stomach is false.

Apr 22 2012

how did Houdini die? his fascination with death

How did Houdini die? How did Harry Houdini the great escape artist and magician meet his ultimate demise? There are many theories about how it happened as well as misconceptions. Before answering the question “How did Harry Houdini die?” we need to first look at the remarkable fact that even though he passed away quite some time ago in 1926 we are still intrigued and compelled to know about the man. This indicates that he was indeed a brilliant promoter who made his own death a part of his marketing in life.

Houdini was ultimately a magician, because one definition of magician is that it is an actor playing the part of a magician. Also, because magician’s practice in front of mirrors they are also often their own directors as well. Plus they write their patter which is what their onstage dialogue is referred to – the create their own scripts. Ehrich Weiss, which was the actual name of the Great Houdini, was an actor, director and writer of both his onstage activity and off.

Houdini during the latter portion of his life took on psychics and attempted to prove that they were not actually capable of contacting the afterlife. Some could say that Houdini was a cynic, yet there was a part of him that wanted to believe in the ability to communicate with the dead, which is in part how he framed his own death in a unique and intriguing way.

Harry Houdini made an arrangement with his wife Bessie that she would try to contact him after his death if he was the first to go. They worked out a secret code that she would listen for from spiritual mediums who would be brough in to attempt to reach Harry from the great beyond.