Apr 22 2012

how did Houdini die? his fascination with death

How did Houdini die? How did Harry Houdini the great escape artist and magician meet his ultimate demise? There are many theories about how it happened as well as misconceptions. Before answering the question “How did Harry Houdini die?” we need to first look at the remarkable fact that even though he passed away quite some time ago in 1926 we are still intrigued and compelled to know about the man. This indicates that he was indeed a brilliant promoter who made his own death a part of his marketing in life.

Houdini was ultimately a magician, because one definition of magician is that it is an actor playing the part of a magician. Also, because magician’s practice in front of mirrors they are also often their own directors as well. Plus they write their patter which is what their onstage dialogue is referred to – the create their own scripts. Ehrich Weiss, which was the actual name of the Great Houdini, was an actor, director and writer of both his onstage activity and off.

Houdini during the latter portion of his life took on psychics and attempted to prove that they were not actually capable of contacting the afterlife. Some could say that Houdini was a cynic, yet there was a part of him that wanted to believe in the ability to communicate with the dead, which is in part how he framed his own death in a unique and intriguing way.

Harry Houdini made an arrangement with his wife Bessie that she would try to contact him after his death if he was the first to go. They worked out a secret code that she would listen for from spiritual mediums who would be brough in to attempt to reach Harry from the great beyond.